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Our History

Blyth & Bathe began in August of 2010 as the result of many events happening simultaneously. The three principals of the company were all interested in pursuing the work they were currently involved in, but through a model that would allow them to be more flexible and creative. Prior to founding Blyth & Bathe, Charles (Chuck) Blyth was working for Parks Canada at Nahanni National Park Reserve, John Blyth was working with Aurora College, and a southern consulting firm employed Adam Bathe. The idea was simple: we would try to do things differently from the big southern consulting firms by being less bureaucratic, more personable, and more cost-effective. The company is based out of two locations, reflecting where each of the principals reside: our South Slave region office is in Fort Smith, and the Deh Cho region office is in Fort Simpson.

As the years have progressed, Blyth & Bathe has developed its instructional capabilities by gaining additional teaching certifications and developing a network of partners. As the company began to grow, we started to diversify the work we took on to include protected area reporting, TK studies, pre-environmental assessment advice, IBA negotiation, and alternative energy feasibility studies. Currently, we have a very wide variety of clients from the four levels of government (municipal, territorial, federal, and First Nations), as well as post-secondary schools, mineral exploration companies, and community-based monitoring programs.

Who We Are

Adam Bathe has worked throughout northwestern Canada, Alaska, and Greenland on projects ranging from traditional land use studies to alternative energy feasibility studies.

The majority of Adam’s experience has been in the field of environmental impact assessments. His experience has been in collaborative projects working with multiple First Nations to locate and document sites for the purpose of informing mitigation strategies and negotiations.

Recently, Adam has been working with community-based monitoring projects in the Inuvialuit and Sahtu settlement regions of the NWT and in northern Alberta, teaching field skills through the Environmental Monitor Technician Coordinator Program as well as offering other specially designed courses.

John Blyth has a propensity for exploration in both his work and regular life. Having worked in every region of the NWT and parts of northern Alberta and BC, as well as in Nunavut, he has a depth of background experience and is very knowledgeable and adaptable in northern working conditions. John’s professional background stems from anthropology and archaeology. Due to the deep interconnectedness of culture and the environment in the North, his work has expanded to be closely associated with a diversity of fields in the environmental sciences such as biology, hydrology, and the regulatory and assessment fields.
Charles "Chuck" Blyth has 30 years’ experience and success in protected area management/reporting, renewable resource management, ecosystem research, Aboriginal partnership building, and environmental assessment useful to your northern needs. In the recent past, Chuck has worked on several projects within the sphere of co-management boards created by the MVRMA; these projects include pre-planning for the application for a land use permit for Devonian Metals Inc., research and consulting work for the Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee, and research and consulting work on the state of protected areas in the NWT. In addition to this work, Chuck is currently involved in impacts and benefits negotiation on behalf of the Dehcho First Nations.

With Chuck as part of our team, we offer negotiation of partnership agreements for First Nations and Aboriginal organizations. We also offer a suite of protected area services such as design, management, operational review, and reporting or research strategies. Chuck can also provide project proposals, developers’ assessment reports, and environmental assessment strategies specifically designed to work within the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act.

Chuck is a Canadian Firearms Safety Training Instructor, and along with other members of the Blyth & Bathe team provides a regular offering of this course that allows individuals to apply for a Firearms Possession and Acquisition licence.

If you need expert advice, advocacy, negotiation representation, classroom training, or experiential learning, Chuck can help you to achieve your environmental objectives here in the Northwest Territories.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to be recognized as the most authentic and honest local company that takes the best of the North and brings it to the world. Doing it with integrity. The right way. The northern way.

We know and love the North. We hold a vast network of friends and associates that both strengthens our connection to this place and allows us to better serve our clients’ needs.

We strive to be experts on the land, the culture, and the people. We seek to deepen our clients’ understanding of these by sharing our experiences and our knowledge of the opportunities and the challenges that come with living here.

We live for the place we know and love, for the better quality of life of its residents, and the opportunities that lie ahead for everyone.

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