Blyth & Bathe is seeking LNG engineers and technicians to conduct pre-feasibility analysis of LNG for electrical generation in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Power generation in Tuktoyaktuk is currently provided by a total of 2,205 kW of power from three diesel generators. The town wants to move to LNG because of its possible cost savings and reduced pollution.

What we need

We need engineers and technicians who can figure out the best LNG and generation equipment needed for bi-fuel generation, dedicated natural gas generation, storage and vaporization in order to replace or augment Tuktoyaktuk’s current diesel power plant with LNG.

This work includes determining ideal site characteristics, assessing CSA Z276 requirements for setbacks, figuring out truck turnaround and looking at how to deal with difficult geotechnical conditions.

Cost estimates will need to be provided for generation, storage and vaporization solutions at +50% and include actual vendor quotes for equipment.

Finally, diesel displacement estimates need to be provided.

How we’ll do it

You will be working with Blyth & Bathe to complete the pre-feasibility analysis. Site visits and field work will be handled by our local Northwest Territories staff. You’ll look at the availability of bi-fuel kits for the generator models that are in Tuktoyaktuk, the ideal size of generators for the community, and whether those generators could fit into the current plant.

The client wants help understanding the size of the LNG storage and vaporizers they’d need, as well as duration of storage, whether they should us vertical or horizontal tanks and whether or not newer skidded assemblies would be a good idea.

Cost estimates will need to be done, and diesel displacement estimates need to include allowances for road outages that will affect timely delivery. Diesel displacement estimates will be based on consumption curves and will make allowances for the fact that Tuktoyaktuk is a pretty remote town.

All of the findings from the analysis will then be put into a report and presented to the client.


For more info contract our project manager, Adam Bathe.