About Adam Bathe

Adam Bathe has worked throughout northwestern Canada, Alaska, and Greenland on projects ranging from traditional land use studies to alternative energy feasibility studies.The majority of Adam’s experience has been in the field of environmental impact assessments. His experience has been in collaborative projects working with multiple First Nations to locate and document sites for the purpose of informing mitigation strategies and negotiations. Recently, Adam has been working with community-based monitoring projects in the Inuvialuit and Sahtu settlement regions of the NWT and in northern Alberta, teaching field skills through the Environmental Monitor Technician Coordinator Program as well as offering other specially designed courses.

Hey Inuvialuit youth, join us on a Students on Ice trip through the Arctic!

As you may have heard from SOI’s Caitlyn Baikie on CBC Northwind yesterday talking about the upcoming #SOIArctic2017, there is space left for Inuvialuit youth on the expedition. We are proud to be

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We’re certified! Firearms Safety Courses for Nunavut are on the way.

Well, it’s been a long time coming but we are finally certified to teach the Canadian Firearms Safety Course in Nunavut!We were hoping that the so-called “Common Sense” Firearms Licensing