Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

We provide support, capacity, strategies, tactics, correspondence, technical advice, and representation in all phases of environmental assessment in the NWT.

Practice Lead: Chuck Blyth
Duration: This varies depending on the scope and scale of the assessment and the client’s requirements.
Outcomes: Our preferred outcome is that Blyth and Bathe Inc. can provide support and capacity building so that the client can effectively represent themselves in any phase of environmental assessment, however, if desired Blyth and Bathe Inc. can directly represent the client in any phase of an environmental assessment.

• The clients views are known and considered and used to affect the recommendations and the outcome of an environmental assessment.
• The proposed development or project undergoing environmental assessment is better as a result of the client’s intervention.
• The client’s reputation, credibility and capacity are all significantly enhanced meaning that future environmental assessments seek out and welcome the input of the client.


If a project might cause an adverse environmental or socio-economic effect, it will often undergo environmental assessment to determine if there is an effect and recommend ways to mitigate or eliminate adverse effects. We help our clients strategize then navigate through, participate in, and get their desired outcome from the initial phases of preliminary screening, terms of reference, developers assessment report, technical committees, hearings, through to the final recommendations. This includes meetings, public presentations and correspondence.

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