Research and Policy Briefs

Research and Policy Briefs

We offer research and policy briefing on ecology, cultural resource management, traditional knowledge, and archaeology in the North.

  • Practice Lead: Chuck Blyth, Adam Bathe & John Blyth
  • Duration: Project duration will vary depending on the scope and scale of the research and requirements.
  • Outcomes: Get in-depth research and policy briefing on what you need to know in the North.
  • Better understand the facts and information required for decision-making.
  • Discover options for effective policy and solutions to roadblocks.
  • Craft credible and effective policy.

If you need information on a northern topic, we can do the research and provide you with a complete understanding of the issue as well as options for resolution and policy. We will prepare a written report or presentation of our findings. Based on our research, we can explore policy development options and develop a communications strategy.

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