Map & GPS Training

Map & GPS Training

  • Practice Lead: John Blyth & Adam Bathe
  • Duration: Course length varies from 2.5 days to a week, depending on the level of detail required
  • Outcomes: Learn how to use GPS, maps, and compasses in order to work on the land and in environmental monitoring.
  • Conduct basic navigation and spatial documentation using the NRCAN topographic maps and a GPS.
  • Find and locate coordinates from topographic maps, using a compass to get your bearings.
  • Utilize the mark, find, and track functions on the GPS.

Our map and GPS course starts with a foundation in the NRCAN topographic map series, introducing concepts like UTM, latitude, longitude, map datums, contour lines, and routes. These will be expanded upon as the course progresses into compasses. The compass portion of the course introduces students to concepts of navigation (bearing and headings) and then transitions into a introduction of the GPS. You will be able to use the GPS, understand the concepts behind it, and perform troubleshooting.

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