Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

The Canadian firearms safety course is required to obtain a (PAL) Possession and Acquisition Licence for non-restricted firearms in Canada.

  • Practice Lead: Chuck Blyth, Adam Bathe, John Blyth
  • Duration: This course involves 8-10 hours of instruction and 1-1.5 hours of testing.
  • Outcomes: You will be able to apply for a PAL, which you need to legally acquire and possess ammunition and non-restricted firearms in Canada.
  • Learn how to safely handle, transport, and store firearms.
  • Apply for a PAL (non-restricted firearms Possession Acquisition Licence).
  • With your PAL, legally acquire ammunition and possess non-restricted firearms.

Our course is offered anywhere in the NWT and Nunavut. The instruction involves a powerpoint presentation, student interaction, and a coursebook that you can keep. Practical training involves handling inactivate firearms and dummy ammunition. A written test and a practical test are administered. If you are successful, application forms for the PAL are completed.

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