GIS Services

GIS Services

Our broad range of Geographic Information System (GIS) services support multiple clients, including governments, researchers, Indigenous organizations, private companies, and land-use planners.

  • Practice Lead: Adam Bathe & Gen Côté
  • Duration: Project scope varies depending on the scale of your GIS requirements.
  • Outcomes: GIS services include data creation and management, CAD-GIS integration, spatial data analysis, and map-design services in support of planning, research, and report and document writing.
  • Secure maps that describe the land and people’s relationship to it.
  • Develop, accessible, archived, and geo-referenced data.
  • Get spatial models that predict future outcomes, solve problems and identify knowledge gaps.

With years of experience working with GIS, we can help you establish a data-sampling protocol to suit your specific needs. We will ensure you collect the data you need, and provide interpretation and analysis. If your organization already has some GIS capacity, we can make recommendations and provide training.

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