Stakeholders Relations and Negotiations

Stakeholders Relations and Negotiations

We oversee stakeholder relations and negotiations, including cooperative management agreements, impact benefit agreements, conflict resolution, consultation, and board relations.

  • Practice Lead: Chuck Blyth
  • Duration: Choose ongoing support through yearly or multiyear contracts, or one-time support through a workshop or resolution session.
  • Outcomes: Foster strong working relationships—with the signed documentation to make it last.
  • Secure signed and implemented cooperative management agreements or impact benefit agreements.
  • Resolve conflicts between stakeholders and create better relationships.
  • Provide a clear understanding of your concerns, and desired outcomes, to boards, authorities, and government.

We meet with you to understand the issues you are facing and create a plan for resolution. We can create, for example, impact benefit agreements that outline stakeholder commitments or cooperative management agreements that outline the rules of engagement between parties going forward.

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