Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

We provide support, capacity building, strategies, technical advice, and representation in all phases of environmental monitoring in the NWT.

  • Practice Lead: Adam Bathe, Chuck Blyth and John Blyth
  • Duration: Project length varies depending on the scope, scale, and timeframe of the monitoring and your requirements.
  • Outcomes: We provide support and capacity building so that you can effectively conduct environmental monitoring, or hire us to do the monitoring.
  • Receive consistent, accurate, and precise data for the environmental parameters.
  • Secure data that is collected and stored safely and appropriately.
  • Get wise and appropriate interpretations of your data.

We have extensive experience with environmental monitoring across the NWT. Our staff are ready to be integrated into any project. We will help you develop an effective sampling protocol, ensure the data is collected appropriately, and provide interpretation and analysis. We can write basic data reports or comprehensive monitoring/research papers. We can also present the monitoring reports to technical committees and hearings, or build the data into developer assessment reports. This includes meetings, public presentations, and correspondence.

Note: Our staff are trained in the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN) monitoring protocol. This is the national biomonitoring program developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada that provides a standardized sampling protocol and a recommended assessment approach called the Reference Condition Approach (RCA) for assessing aquatic ecosystem conditions.

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